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Master the art of Cooking With Wine

Wine has so many uses in the kitchen. You can use wine to marinate meat, add it to sauces, soup and even fruits. It’s also great in jams, jellies and chutnies. Add some to your salad dressing instead of vinegar, especially if you are serving wine with that salad.

Here are a few tips for cooking with wine…

    • Don’t add any wine to a dish that you would not drink from a glass. There is a tendency for people to want to save a wine that tastes a little “off” and use it for cooking. Why add a flavour to food that you’ve already decided you don’t like in the wine?
    • Never boil wine by itself. It can burn, allow it to simmer gently.
    • When you substitute wine for vinegar in salad dressing, simmer the wine and reduce by half then allow it to cool before you mix it with oil. Heating wine concentrates its flavour and sweetness as well as its acidity.
    • For best results, choose cooking wines that have lots of flavour.
    • If you add the wine at the beginning of preparation, you will cook away the flavour. Add the wine towards the end of the cooking time.
    • Don’t add raw wine to a dish just prior to serving. It will not have had a chance to meld with the other tastes and alcohol will be apparent.
    • Don’t add more wine than the recipe calls for — if you’re like me you want to splash in a bit more, but spiking a dish too much will add acidity to the food.
    • You can also store leftover wine for cooking by freezing it as ice cubes — this doesn’t often happen at my place!
    • Wine and cheese are a natural pairing. When you make a cheese sauce, pour in a little white wine, the acidity will cut the fattiness of the cheese.
    • And finally….poaching fruit in wine makes an excellent and easy to make dessert. It works really well with peeled pears and peaches, plums or cherries. If you use dry wine, add a tablespoon of sugar or honey, this is not necessary if you are using sweet desert wines.

Do you have any special hints you use when cooking with wine? Please share below! And if you’re thinking of making your own wine, give me a shout, I’m here to help! 519-836-6700.

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